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    Before and After View


      When I'm in my Develop module and I look at some of my edited photos my before and after view is not showing.  Sometime I see the original for a second then it resorts to the edited.  Now this is happening to some of my collection cause in some collection they are working just fine.  Can some explain to me what is happing.



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Are you saying that if you use the backslash key to toggle the before/after view, both look the same?

          If you click on the "Y|Y" button on the bottom of the screen, do both side-by-side versions look the same?


          The cropping gets applied to both versions always, to cropping does not count in the before/after comparison.

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            Gue Level 1

            Yes to all backslash key to toggle and yes to "Y/Y"  both sides are the same.

            Both color edits are the same on before and after.

            Why would this be happening?

            I should be seeing a raw untouched file in the before window.

            Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.26.31 PM.png

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              Modesto Vega Level 2

              Are you sure that you have clicked on the middle Before and After bottom?


              The first one (>) copies the develop settings from Before to After

              The middle one (<>) copies the develop settings from After to Before

              The third one (<>)  swaps the settings

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                Gue Level 1

                That's not it. I'm not sure what your talking about or we are talking about two different things. All the files in the collection are before and after are the same this is evident on some other folder in the collection.

                I think I figure out the problem

                Go to the History located  on the left side of your canvas, above the Copy and Paste buttons.  You should see Preset, Snapshot, History and Collection.  They should have a + beside to expand.  Go to History (this is a list of all you edits you made on the image) Go to the bottom where it says import of the file. This is the start point of your file.

                Right mouse click on the import xxxx xxxx file ( or how ever you saved your file name). Highlight "Copy History Step Settings to Before."


                There you go your good to go


                I don't know how to do this on all the images with this problem in the folder all at once.  I just do it individually.






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                  Modesto Vega Level 2

                  Just to clarify what I was talking about, the 3 icons highlighted in red below copy the settings between Before and After as described in my 1st reply. Just hover over them, play with them and see what happens with the History panel.



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                    Bob Somrak Level 6

                    I have had this problem a couple of times and am not sure how it happens but the OP's solution is the correct way to solve the problem.  I was correcting the problem a different way but the OP's solution is way more elegant.  I had forgot about that rightclick menu item.  The buttons you have indicated do NOTHING in this situation as the before and after are exactly the same so you are just swapping the same settings.

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                      Modesto Vega Level 2

                      Sorry Bob, I haven't explained myself clearly. I have had the same problem and I figured out that I had done the following out of ignorance:


                      1) Toggle to the Before & After view (the photo on the right had no adjustments, the photo on the left had adjustments)

                      2) Click on the first icon next to Before & After (the settings from before where copied to after, effectively resetting all my adjustments) I did not know what icon did at the time


                      To get the photo back I had to go to the history panel to recover my changes as described by the OP.


                      LR is very powerful and I feel that it is important to know and spell out what everything does.

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                        Bob Somrak Level 6

                        Thanks for the further explaination as this may explain why I was getting this problem on a couple of my photos.  I will now be careful about this.  Gue came up with an easy fix to the problem (my method was more convoluted) so all is well. 

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                          Gue Level 1

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