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    Automatic montage generator


      Hey guys,


      I know there isn't a plugin in the Adobe studio, but I'm hoping that someone may point me in the right direction.


      I have 2TB of footage, and for a project I wish to import the footage and find or write a script that will allow me to;


           -Cut 1 second from every film

           -Splice them together

           -Increase source footage position by 30 seconds

           -repeat, cut 1 second etc...


      Until all the films have been processed.


      I'd do it manually but there's a couple hundred hours of footage.


      Thanks for any help!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think you are over complicating the project. Try this with a few of your movies.

          1. Import say the first 5 of your movies into an AE project
          2. Select all movies in the project panel go to File>New Composition from selection and select single composition
          3. Open the composition settings and set the frame rate to 1fps
          4. With all layers in your composition selected hold down Shift + Ctrl/Cmnd + Right arrow and press the right arrow key three times to move down the timeline 30 seconds
          5. Press Shift+Ctrl+D to split the layers
          6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until you are at the end of the timeline
          7. Change the composition frame rate back to it's original value (29.97 in my example)
          8. Move the CTI to the start of the time line
          9. Select the bottom layer, then shift select the top layer and press the [ key to move all of the in points to the CTI
          10. move the CTI to 1 second
          11. Press Alt/Option + ] to set the out point for all layers to 1 second
          12. With all layers selected use Animation>Keyframe Assistant>Sequence layers with no overlap
          13. Adjust the composition work area to the out point of the last clip in the sequence
          14. Save your project and then Export as a Premiere Pro project.
          15. Open the Premiere Pro project and open the sequence to see a real time preview and make any adjustments you need using the Slip tool.


          There you go. I just tried this with 6 movies that were on average 10 minutes long. It took me under 3 minutes to have a Premiere Pro sequence ready to look at. I had 3 spaces in my Premere Pro sequence that I needed to adjust because the end of the clips when I split them without looking was less than a full second. Just one note, the order you select the layers in the timeline and the order you select the clips in the project panel determines how they are sequenced.


          If you are experienced at writing scripts you could probably write a script that would do all of this for you in an hour or so. If you are new to scripting then I'd suggest the manual method. If you keep your AE projects to about 20 layers to start with and you use the keyboard shortcuts you should be able to knock this out very quickly.