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    Installer fails on YOSEMITE




      today and yesterday i tried to install the flash player because there was a bug in the updater (simply crashed).

      With the mess on my mac then (didnt know now if it was updated or not because of non-response of the updater) I just downloaded the uninstaller.

      With http://get.adobe.com/de/flashplayer/ I tried to install. I followed all instructions, terminated all processes except the finder, restarted...


      Now i had 2 options: starting from the .dmg directly or pulling it to my desk. I tried both:

      with the direct start from .dmg it seems to start the download, but doesnt continue then.

      with the dragged to desk started installer  it doesnt even want to know wheter it wants to install updates automatically or not. Just a dark grey screen, nothing happens.


      how to fix that, because the flashplayer is essential obviously.