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    mov. files form Canon camera not compatible in PE11




      I am recording concert videos with 3 Sony camera and 1 Canon Legria camera. I am using OS Yosemite and PE11. With the Sony cameras I can work with PE11 just fine, but as soon as I add the video from the Canon, it tells me that the format is not compatible, although they look the same to me as the files out of the sony cameras. I can still import the footage but it becomes so slow that it is impossible to work.


      Here is what I have tried already (via "add media", in expert view):

      - Updating from OS Mavericks to Yosemite

      -Take the whole AVCHD file from the SD card to my hard disk and use it from there

      -Import the AVCHD file with the software from Canon, them import the relevant mts files to "add media"

      -Trim and save only the part from the file that I need with Quick Time (newest version), then use the .mov file

      -Using a video converter to convert the footage to an .mov file


      The whole clip is approximately 3h duration, of which I would need to use twice 50min in a usable format and would like to delete the rest (e.g. intermission of the concert) in order to save disk space.


      What else can I try? At first I thought I need to buy a faster computer (I have a new Mac Book Air with i7 processor and 8GB RAM), but it seems that only the file of the canon camera is causing the problem.

      Thanks for you help and best regards