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    How to overcome a big loss


      Dear Adobe,


      First I want to congratulate you with the Adobe FormsCentral pack.

      It really is a boost within my company.
      To see that you will quit your service on such short notice does frighten me.



      This especially for two reasons:


      1) An easy to use tool will be lost. Within the years we used the package we've been collecting data in a super efficiënt way. This is something we didn't feel was doable in other tools. We trusted your service and put a lot of time and effort to making it a structural tool within our company. All our data was/is in a central place within reach of the team. From a company as Adobe you expect good quality and the ability to cope with problems. Especially in times when more and more goes in the cloud, this is our first when it comes to getting things of the cloud again. It changes my view over the whole "Adobe cloud".


      But even worse is the fact that it seems that Adobe will let all this expertise go to waste? Why not leave it to the community? Go open-source? Our put it as and extra tool in one of your packs?



      2) In my experience Adobe Formscentral wasn't evolving very quickly. For example: just providing an open-API would give Adobe Formscentral great new advantages. You have a great surveytool, why not ask the community what was missing? I went to the forum quite often to seen for new features and was hoping that they come soon.

      Now that "the end is near" I do hope you can take the responsability of making my data accessible for me and preproces my data so i can have my backup with one simple click on a. As a company the loss in tool will cost a lot of money, aswell as time and effort. I would rather be investing in searching/investigating a new tool, rather then use the same energie to put data save.




      Wil there be another tool coming soon to overcome our loss?

      Will you be able to make the export go more smooth?




      Thanks in advance,





      PS: although the project has to stop, I hope the development-team does realise they did a great job!