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    How to export file with original filename number suffix, but with more digits

    yngjoh Level 1

      Is there a way to keep the original filename number suffix, but change the formatting of the number, adding leading zeros for instance?


      When I import photos from my camera I like to rename them, and give them sequential numbers, e.g. "2015-01 Hamburg 1.cr2", "2015-01 Hamburg 2.cr2", "2015-01 Hamburg 10.cr2", .. "2015-01 Hamburg 134.cr2", and so on.

      Normally when I export photos I like to keep the file names exacly as I imported them (except the extension) e.g. 2015-01 Hamburg 1.jpg, "2015-01 Hamburg 2.jpg", .. "2015-01 Hamburg 10.jpg", .. "2015-01 Hamburg 134.jpg".


      But sometimes I would like to export them with leading zeros, typically when adding photos to a web site or blog where there are sort mechanisms that only support simple sort algorithms based on file names, meaning the sort order of my photos with their original file names would become "2015-01 Hamburg 1.jpg, "2015-01 Hamburg 10.jpg", .. "2015-01 Hamburg 134.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 2.jpg".


      So I would like the file names to be "2015-01 Hamburg 001.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 002.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 010.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 134.jpg".
      By keeping the original file number suffix I can easily go back to the original file whenever I need to, and the sort order would work even with simple sorting.


      The export Filename Template Editor gives quite advanced support for numbering files when exporting, see attached screenshot. There's support for exporting files with custom file names, and adding sequence, total and image number with padding (up to 9999/####). But those add new numbers, they do not consider the original filename number suffix. If I use the "Image # (001)" for instance, my example above would export as "2015-01 Hamburg 001.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 002.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 003.jpg", "2015-01 Hamburg 004.jpg", if those were the four photos I wanted to export, making it hard for me to trace them back to the original photo.




      I have found no way of adding such padding on the original file number.

      Does anyone know if this is possible or have suggestions for a workaround?

      It shouldn't be too hard for Adobe to support this I'd imagine.


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          Rafael Aviles Level 3

          I do not know if you can do what you explained above, but there is a workaround to this (and a way to avoid having to do it in the future):


          In the Library module, make sure your images are sorted by Capture Date (this will put them in the right order, even with suffixes like 1, 13, etc.)

          Select all images, and then Rename them, using a Custom text followed by a Sequence number. The Custom text in this case should be the original name (such as, 2015-01 Hamburg, as in your example). Make sure the Sequence number is formatted with enough zeroes to include all the numbers in your images.


          In the future, when you rename images during Import, make sure you select the Sequence number format that will include all the needed zeroes, so you don't have to go through this again.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            I am guessing that the easiest approach to this would be to get the naming done as needed prior to doing the import into Lightroom.

            What software are you using to transfer the images off the memory cards?

            I happen to be a big fan of "Downloader Pro" by BreezeSys.com (not sure if there is a mac version of this).