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    Lightroom 5 exports with a significant change


      Hi guys.


      Okay, so after tons of hours trying to fix a problem that just does not seem to fix - and I have tried pretty much everything.


      I just updated to Lightroom 5.6 - and I had the same bug on Lightroom 4 as well. Not on every picture, but it wasn't the first time experiencing this.


      So here is the deal. So when I am done in Photoshop, I import my pictures to Lightroom to give it it's final touch. But when I export them, I see a clear difference - and not in a good way!


      It seems like that there is no change at all. NR - definitely not, the picture look over sharpened and the colors have changed too. And then they get lighter and the quality is humongous. The images looks way flatter too. I have attached my image right under, so you can see the differences.



      This is a screenshot I took in LR. It looks all fine - no problems.




      This is the exported JPEG from LR.


      So I tried some research in hope for solving my problem. Seems like I was not the only one having problems - and it also looked like it was a little bit of different things going on. And there was some solutions, but I never really found anything that answered my question. But I tried exporting it in all kinds of files and different color profiles. Nothing worked.


      Skærmbillede 2015-01-26 kl. 17.54.48.png


      I use the normal Image Viewer on Mac. When I open it, it changes just one second after in the viewer. I then tried to import it into LR again to check if it really was LR that caused the problem. It was. I tried uploading it too. Nothing worked either.


      So now I am stuck with the problem and pretty much desperate to get some help.


      Please, can someone tell me what the problem is and does anyone have the solution?


      Thank you!