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    Question regarding Edgecommons.js 1.4.0


      We recently upgraded Edge Animate to 2014.1.1 and republished Animate project developed in previous version to the latest.    In our project we use Edgecommon.js to load external composition into a symbol on the main stage.  Each external composition is developed in Animate 2014.1.1 with animated timeline.   We follow the instruction to upgrade edgecommon.js to 1.4.0 as well.   When we are testing the latest published project,  it ran well on all browsers except Firefox 35.0.   The external composition will be loaded in properly on the first load, but if the user tried to reload the same composition again, it would put the loading into like a infinite loop and not returning any success status.    We don't have this problem when we were publishing with 2014.1 and using previous version of Edgecommon.js.  


      Just want to know if anyone encounter the same issue and have a solution to it.


      The loading code in the project is like this:


      contentLoader = EC.loadComposition(file, sym.$("content"));


          currentSlide = comp.getStage();





      Thanks in advance.