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    Project Help Needed


      Version of InDesign: CS6

      Note: I am a beginner, I have not been trained in any Adobe products, I am not familiar with the tech lingo


      I work for a business where we have started using InDesign to create personalized labels for products. I created a file with a simple master page at dimensions of  4" x 3" with the desired template for the label. I then create new masters based on the first one I made and then edit the layers as needed. I have four base files with about 200 'product specific' master pages in each. I have to copy these files over about 12 times to create customer-specific labels with logos, retails, etc. That comes to about 10,000 labels total.


      The problem is, I have to print these labels off on sheets of paper with 6 labels on each page. Does anyone know of a way I can print the single label master pages off at 6 to a page?


      One other solution is to create a new master page "template" with six label designs to a page, which would be very simple to print off. But then the files would be a lot bigger (my computer won't like that) and (I  assume) I would have to bring the information over to the new file by copying&pasting text/relinking images about 6 times for each label.


      Does anyone have any ideas that would save me time? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without seeing your project I can't be sure, but this looks like something that could be created very efficiently using Data Merge.

          If the layout of the labels is the same throughout the line, you could use Data Merge to automatically create your pages of labels. Unless you have a seriously underpowered computer, you should be OK.

          You can even run the Merge in batches to keep from having all 10,000 labels in one huge document.

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            Thanks so much! I've looked into it and I think Data Merge will help so much. Thanks again!

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              SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome. Please come back by if you run into any difficulties as you set up your merge. I have a good number of projects that I do this way, and I (and others here) will be happy to help.

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                audreym94096419 Level 1

                Does anyone have any advice for working with upc barcodes with data merging? Is there a plugin that could help me automate the input of the upc number to a barcode?

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                  SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  There is an excel formula that will calculate the check digit and create a field with the full barcode number. I haven't had to do this in years, so I no longer have it, but it should be easy enough to look up. If you are using the number to place the barcode graphic, you can also add the extension automatically in excel.


                  Just add a '@ before the column name of any column containing image names. If you put your datafile in the folder with the images, you won't have to put the image path.