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    download responses from forms central before product closes


      Good afternoon,


      I share in the other commentors disappointment that the product will be discontinued. As a result, I have several forms that I need to get responses downloaded and archived, but because I need the response to show as an actual form (not just the excel document that can support the data export). The only option is to download the response as PDF form one at a time. In some cases I have 1,700 forms I need per year, and I need to capture nearly 15,000 dowloads. The system currently restricts the download of more than one PDF response at a time. Can you recommend a way to get this accomplished? Can you enable a feature to allow all of us to download multiple response forms in more than 1 at a time increments? Please advise.


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          I hope this will answer your question.  We use the forms for a health survey.  Some 300 questions. What we did to download and get all the answers we needed both in Excel and Document form (as asked appearance) was to download the Excel sheet the survey produces.  Then using Word we did a mail merge.  It took a bit to build of course, but the end product looks just like the online form yet we still have the whole database in Excel for use other ways.


          Additionally, in some cases only part of the information asked online pertains to a particular test.  So we also built Word Docs with Mail Merge to only bring in the needed information for that particular test (and we made the form look like that required by the lab who will run the test).  It was important to us to be able to produce documents that looked like the online survey but keep the data in Excel.


          As a side note in case this works for you - Word/Excel mail merges only work up to 286 responses.  After that you have to save your Excel sheet as a CSV and then merge.  I don't know if that is unlimited but I have yet to find a limit.


          If you need to save each document on your computer as a separate file that gets trickier.  We wrote a macro and all are saved as individual  Word documents.  This doesn't get them to PDF, but they are saved.  Usually we just print as they are being sent on the labs with blood that was drawn.


          Hope that helps.