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    So Mad I could Spit - Cross Post

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      At this point I am so angry I can hardly write this email.
      I have had Flashpaper in my Contribute through Contribute3
      I participated in the latest contribute beta and was given a
      free copy of Contribute 4. Apparently either the betas,
      this new copy of Contribute 4 or the CS3 Beta has removed
      Flashpaper from my system without my knowledge.

      Okay fine, I go download it again and install. It asks for a
      serial number. I have tried all three license numbers I own
      for Contribute (contribute 2, Contribute3 and Contribute4).
      NONE of them work.

      I call adobe support. I was held on the line for 50 minutes before
      anyone answered. I waited an additional 10 minutes for the guy
      to write up the notes for case # 200166891. He agreed he could
      see I owned licenses for Contribute 2 and 3 (they can't see Contribute
      4 because that was passed to me by email) - he then passed me
      off to someone else. I wait on the phone for an additional 30 minutes
      for someone to answer. I am then told that this new person can't see
      my licenses and that I am suppose to copy information off Adobe's
      web site and FAX it to them so they can reserialize my account.

      WHAT? Are these people crazy? I should copy your records and fax
      them to you? I should have to go through 1.5 hours of pure torture to
      get a serial number for a product that was removed from my system
      by one of these betas?

      I'm sorry, I simply can't stand that Adobe has totally ruined a good

      Peggie Brown
      a very unhappy and frustrated customer