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    Menu Button Navigation

      I have created a menu and made the text buttons that move from one area of the flash site to another. When I turn on the "Enable Simple Buttons" choice under control the buttons work and go where they are supposed to. When I test the movie, the buttons show the up,over,down and hit states but do not navigate the site at all!!! I am about to pull my hair out (what little I have left). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the Action script for one of the buttons.

      on (release) {
      this.onRelease = function (){


      J. Shipler
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          IwannaFlashU Level 1
          first off, you have the function there twice....... on(release){ is the same thing as this.onRelease=function and you dont use BOTH of them.......you use one or the other.

          on(release) is used if you're placing the code "in" the button...when you look at your actionscript window, there's a little tab that shows what object you are putting your code in. If that tab shows the button's name, then you use this one.

          this.onRelease=function is used in an actionscript keyframe. and instead of this you should have the buttons name...myButton.onRelease=....

          With that out of the way, my next question is, what is "Artists"? is that a label on your timeline? If so, that part is correct. Is your "website" one Flash file? Or are your buttons supposed to direct the browser to load different web pages?

          If everything's in the one file, the only problem I see is your double use of the function call to release. If this flash file is supposed to load other web pages in a browser, than your gotoAndPlay line will need to be changed as well.

          hope this helps
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            Jshipler Level 1
            Thank you for the response, The "artists" is a label and it does work when I try it within the program. I will change the double "onrelease" and see if that works. My website is one flash file. The buttons are supposed to direct the person to other layers within the site. Again, thanks for the help. I'll let you know if that worked.