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    execute =sucks

    emmim44 Level 1
      I cannot make the execute work...It used to work but not anymore..WHY ??
      The CF service is running under a domain user who has priviliges..In Dos command , it works fine....why not with cf?

      <cfexecute name="ipconfig" arguments="/all" variable="cmda"/>
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          Level 7
          Can you pls expand on what you're expectations are, and how they're not
          being met? You're not giving us any idea of how it's actually not working.
          Is it erroring? Returning nowt? Returning something you didn't expect?

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            rich.leach Level 1
            ... for what it's worth, the cfexecute tag is a tag that many hosts will commonly turn off because of it's potential for abuse and system chaos.... are you sure it's still available to your applications? CFAdmin will tell you this....