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      ok than
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          On 03 Mar 2007 in macromedia.fireworks, webbmanjones wrote:

          > basically i want to know how to do what they have done, either when
          > expoting to dreamweaver from fireworks keeping the image and text
          > seperate so i can still edit the text in dreamweaver (so i can add
          > hyperlinks and text on top of a picture rather than hotspots on a
          > picture file which is what i was doing) or adding text over the
          > fireworks picture in dreamweaver.

          Then look at the code of the page. (BTW, their method isn't all that
          great, either. Try resizing the text.)

          What to do it right? Learn HTML and CSS...

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            webbmanjones wrote:
            > ok thanks, well basically i designed this page as a fireworks document (text
            > and image) exported the image to dreamweaver and published to web, but when the
            > image was online the text could not be highlighted as it was just a picture
            > with the text included on it.

            That's because you exported an image instead of Images and HTML. Read
            the help files on slicing and exporting.

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