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    Submitting a form


      HI guys hoping someone can help.. Just wondered if anybody here could identify how the "get quote" form submits the kit you hsve just built, I had a look at the source but nothing immediately jumped out at me and this is why I have turned to here for help. I've designed something similar and am very interested to find out how they send off the designed kit to the email address, any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I have added the link to the page in question, many thanks.


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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have a look at the URL after you have finalised the design you will see

          design=139&colour1=Yellow&colour2=Emerald&colour3=Maroon&emb=handswhite&logo=Black&font=im pact&num=10&numcol=White

          This information, together with the information posted by the form is processed by the server using Ajax.

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            ralphpickles Level 1

            Thank you for your speedy reply Ben i really appreciate it and your answer was spot on - so simple I feel silly! This is something I have never come across before I would really appreciate it if you could help me with my understanding if possible if it's not too much to ask? I have a spry tabbed panels Inputted to my page, in each tab I have different colours and variations etc and it all works brilliantly but would not know where to start when trying to submit a customers choices to an email address. The process you have Kindly pointed out to me seems exactly what im after but I'm unsure on how to implement it? Again many thanks for your response Ben and any more assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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              ralphpickles Level 1

              Sorry Ben I missed the point! how does the end of the link in the page get relayed to the person on the other end of the email??

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                BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                That is the part that we cannot see because it is written in and translated in a server side language, namely ASP.NET.


                HTML is a static language, it does nothing except show static content and link documents via so-called hyperlinks. CSS in its current form, adds some ability to animate some of the content, but to do a proper job we need to involve scripts. JavaScript will be interpreted by the browser, hence the term client side script. ASP.NET, Coldfusion, PHP amongst a couple of others, are called server side scripts because they do the interpreting on the server.


                If you want to perform a complicated function such as the one that you want to implement, you will need to have a thorough knowledge of a server side script preferably alongside a client side script.

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                  ralphpickles Level 1

                  Thank you Ben, again that's really helpful to know. Is there a different/simpler method of collecting data/recording a users input on a webpage? My clients will start with a base design and cycle through tabs until they have an end product, when they email for a quote I would like it to come through in the email what they have chosen. Sorry if I sound silly, I'm not an advanced user of dreamweaver ive picked it back up recently after many years away from it.