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    Saving as PDF - problem with file name

    ziowolvie Level 1

      Hello everybody,

      I have a little problem. I'm making a lot of similar document with InDesign so everytime I copy/paste the latest and then rename it from windows. But when I try to save (with a custom preset) the document as PDF, everytime on default InDesign gave the name of the original document, so I have to write the right name everytime. How can I change this? I want to have on default the file name I'm working on, not the original one.



      I copy and paste "average.indd" and then I rename it as "joe.indd". I make some changes inside JOE, save it and then try to export as PDF. When the saving window appear, the program suggest "average.pdf" as name of the PDF I'm creating.


      Thanks for your support and excuse me if my english is not that good (not my language).

      Have a nice day!