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    Problems with showing list datatips

      Problem 1:
      Sometimes List datatips don't appear. In the following example most of the datatips show correctly except for the one for the last entry. By adjusting the length of the strings or width of the list you can get different entries to show correctly while others no longer do.
      private var educationList:Array = [
      "High School Degree",
      "Some College/Associate",
      "Bachelor's Degree",
      "Graduate Degree"

      <mx:List showDataTips="true" dataProvider="{educationList}" borderThickness="0" height="90" width="100"/>

      Problem 2:
      If the data provider for the list is an XMLListCollection, the datatips never appear.

      Problem 3 (really an inconsistency):
      Why is it that datatips on DataGrid columns always appear, regardless of whether the column is wide enough to fully display the label?