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    Can I use more than one html5/js animation produced with Flash/createjs in a website?


      Hi, I am producing some animations with Flash that will be delivered in html5/js trough createjs. The trouble is that, after including the first animation in my html website, the rest of the animations are overwriting with the first one, therefore, if I attemp to insert a second animation in my website, it will actually replace the first animation I already had placed...


      I have already tried the following:


      - change the default canvasID for another one

      - change the resources and Javascript name spaces in Createjs export settings 

      - change manually the name of the functions (lib, img, cjs) in the Javacript file


      None of these seem to fix the problem. So, I am now wondering if is actually possible to insert more than one animation in a website....


      I would really appreciate a quick answer, as I am working on a project with a very tight timing, and really need to sort this out a.s.a.p.


      Thank you very much in advance for the help.