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    InDesign CC package "Incomplete" font

    D. Maxwell

      Ever since upgrading to Windows 8.1 and InDesign CC the package function shows all non-system fonts as "Incomplete."


      For example, Minion Pro Regular shows Filename: C:\Windows\Fonts\MinionPro-regular.otf and Status: OK however my activated Univers LT Std shows Filename: NA and Status: Incomplete


      I use FontAgent Pro 4.1 (latest version) for font management. All fonts, aside from default Adobe/Windows system fonts are saved in the folder C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\FontAgent Pro Data\FontAgent Pro\Libraries\Fonts. As far as I can tell this folder cannot be changed and is created by the program when importing fonts to your library. Previous versions of InDesign while running on Windows 7 packaged fine while activating fonts with FontAgent Pro, so not sure if this is a new incompatibility with Windows 8.1, InDesign CC or FontAgent Pro.


      Any known solutions or work-arounds? Thanks for any help!