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    Different Page Display Times for Interactive PDFs

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      I'm making an interactive PDF where each page would be displayed for 5 seconds.


      I also want one page that has an embedded video on it. The video is about 3 minutes long, and I want that page to be displayed for that long, instead of 5 seconds.


      Is it possible to set display timings for individual pages, or prohibit page change until the video finished playing? If yes, how?


      Let me know.



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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can set each page transition manually in Acrobat Pro after the PDF has been created.


          1. Open the PDF and expand the Page Thumbnails panel on the left sidebar.
          2. Make sure you are viewing at "fit page" scale so that clicking a thumbnail highlights it completely, or the next step won't be available.
          3. Select the page(s) you want to have a specific transition time, and choose "Page Transitions" from the panel's options menu on the top left corner.
          4. Under "Page Range" select "Pages selected in Pages panel".
          5. Set "Auto Flip" to the required time (you can type in the box if the value isn't one of the standard list).
          6. Click OK, and repeat for all the other timing configurations your document needs.
          7. If you want specific pages to not advance, just set their transition so "Auto Flip" is unticked.


          Transitions will only run when the PDF is in Full Screen mode.


          With video content, bear in mind that if the user pauses or scrubs playback it won't stop the pre-set timings from kicking in. There is a way to auto-advance the PDF only when the end of a video is detected, but it requires JavaScript programming in Acrobat Pro.

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            Zoffix222 Level 1

            Sadly I don't have Acrobat Pro at the moment (and I already used up the trial version). Seems a trivial thing to have in InDesign. I'm surprised it lacks such an option.