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    How to update alt layout tables of contents

    buck415 Level 1

      I'm having trouble with alternate layouts and tables of contents.


      After creating a 6 page document, I created an alternate layout. The content from the primary document was linked to the new layout.


      Some modifications were made to the alternate layout, which involved positioning some paragraph styles onto a different page.


      When the alternate layout was exported as an interactive PDF, the table of contents indicated it was hyperlinked because the mouse cursor would change to a hand when hovering over the respective table of contents entry, however when clicked, the PDF simply remained on the same page.


      As one potential solution, I created an additional table of contents and made certain to use the heading styles that were relevant to the alternate layout.


      When I would generate a new table of contents for the alternate layout, only the table of contents title appeared and no additional paragraph styles were included in the table of contents.


      Is there a special way that I need to get the table of contents to work properly using an alternate layout.


      I am a Lynda.com subscriber, so please feel free to refer me to a video that may answer my questions.


      I have been looking through the Adobe help, and if the answer to my question is there, I'm overlooking it because I'm overwhelmed with information (and possibly the stress of the print deadline which is later today).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,