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    RH11 404 - Page Not Found when linking to PDF file from search results using IE9 and IE10

    BMcLeod Level 1

      I'm using RH11 ( and I've included a number of PDF files as baggage files. The hyperlinks on the pages work fine and display the PDF files in a separate window, as expected. However, when searching for these same PDF files using the Search tab, I'm getting a 404 error with the filename. The description on the error shows the filename and says the "the requested resource is not available." This is occurring using IE9 and IE10. And, it only happens within the application, which packages the WebHelp with a war file.


      I searched the forum and found where someone was having the same problem on Firefox, but was fine on IE. But, as mentioned, I'm finding it on IE.


      Thoughts on how to fix this error?