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    Using a NAS drive, what's the best way to import existing photos and catalogs?




      I use the latest version of Lightroom 5, and I'm trying to integrate a NAS drive into my setup.


      A few weeks ago, I purchased a Macbook 128GB knowing that it would fill up quite quickly. Since purchasing it, every time I've downloaded a set of photos to the macbook, I've created a separate folder and treated it as a travel catalog. Therefore, I would create a new folder, create a catalog within that folder, copy all the photos of that session into a subfolder called "photos" and then import these photos into the specific catalog via Lightroom's import feature.


      So if I took photos yesterday, the folder would be called for example 26_01_15, and it would contain two sub-folders. One would be for the catalog, and the other for the related photos.


      The Macbook is now full, and I've bought a WD MyCloud 2TB external drive. This is a NAS drive that works within my home network, but will also hopefully allow me to access my edited and unedited photos anywhere in the world.


      I understand I am not able to just create a main LR5 catalog on the NAS drive, and this has to be on my macbook. However, how do I go about retaining all the edited information, along with my photos on the NAS drive, and still using the main catalog on my Macbook?


      Please feel free to treat me like a novice, or point me in the direction of previous links/videos etc :-)