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    Render queue taking FOREVER


      I'm trying to export a 12 second comp and it's taking an extremely long time.  I've tried and cancelled several times now, from both the AE render queue and bringing it into Media Encoder and exporting from there.  In both locations, no matter what settings I choose, it takes north of 10 minutes for anything to happen, and once it does show progress, the counter on time remaining generally starts at several hours and counts up from there, ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 hours remaining.


      I have no other programs open, and have shut down and restarted my computer twice with no effect.  The composition has three roto brush effects and two mocha tracks in it, not sure if that could be causing a delay but still seems like WAY too much time to me for a 12 second comp.  Also, the RAM preview only takes a minute or two to complete to where I can play smoothly start to finish, should that not be about the same as export time or am I off on that?


      Any help appreciated.  Working on a mid-2012 MacbookPro with a 2.3G Intel Core i7, 8G RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 1G graphics card.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Depending on your composition and your source footage this could be completely normal. The question I have for you is, have you successfully rendered other projects before? What is different about this composition? Is your system up-to-date (by that I mean what is the build Version number down to the last decimal point and what is your OS)? And last of all, are you using Ray-traced rendering?


          Other things to consider include available disk space, reliability of the connection to the drive you are using for rendering, and available disk cash. You could also turn off MP rendering.

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            floundo Level 1

            Running Yosemite 10.10.1.  And yes, I've rendered successfully before.  Actually exported an earlier version of the same comp with one of the mocha tracks on it so my buddy I'm doing the work for could see it.  That one exported in no more than a couple minutes.  The only thing I can really see that's different is the rotoscoping, and the thing that seems to be time consuming is in the upper right "Info" window, there is a running count of "Roto Brush Propagating."  It counts up until it gets to the number of frames, then starts over with a different number.  Guessing it's doing this for every frame and maybe that's the time issue?


            Not sure if I'm using a Ray-traced renderer, so if that's something I'd have to set myself I'd guess not.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're using Rotobrush you have to know how to use it and freeze it when the Roto is complete or you'll have a mess.


              In most cases if my Roto is more than just a few frames I will render the Roto to a 10 bit or better lossless format and replace the layer in the comp. I call that making a DI. The output module has a renter and replace option.


              Make sure you thoroughly understand the proper use and workflow for Rotobrush.

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                floundo Level 1

                Just checked--not using ray-traced renderer.  Seems like I don't want to for my composition if it doesn't have 3D though, correct?

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                  floundo Level 1

                  Ah, okay guess I need to more fully explore use of the Roto then.


                  Thanks Rick!

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Never use Ray-tracing if there is another alternative. If you don't need to extrude a shape or text later or bend a footage layer in an arc without the use of third-party plug-ins you don't need rate tracing.

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                      floundo Level 1

                      Thanks for the info!


                      Also, went back and did a freeze on my three roto elements.  Took the export from 5+ hours down to four minutes, so that was definitely it.  Two tutorials I'd watched failed to mention that very important step.  Thanks again Rick!