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    Lightroom 5 Trial - Cannot import photos from HD




      yesterday I started a trial of Lightroom and I worked on a couple of images which I imported directly from the memory card.  The total filesize of these was around 50mb.


      Now I transferred the images from the external SD card and saved them on a folder on my HD.  Now I am trying to import the RAW photos from the HD but Lightroom is not showing me these photos on the import dialogue.  (see pic).


      The folder arrow (for this and any other image folder) is greyed out too.  I know LR definitely recognises the filetype I am working with as the previous two pictures were also CR2.  I also made sure that the 'show photos in subfolders' box has been checked on the library menu.


      Any suggestionsScreen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.44.37 AM.png would be greatly appreciated please.  I have searched the forums and although some people have had similar issues none exactly replicate the problem I am facing.