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    some user fonts not available in CS6 Classic InDesign, please help


         I am using Adobe CS6 Classic on a MacPro computer operating on Yosemite 10.10.1

         Three months ago, I brought over my personal collection of fonts from my retired computer. The collection includes 30 Letraset postscript fonts, which I purchased so long ago that the originals are on floppy disk.

         Initially, FontBook would not install the fonts, but I was able to overcome that by purchasing FontXChange, a tool which enabled me to quickly and effortlessly convert the Postscript fonts to Open Type fonts.

         Using FontBook I installed those fonts into the

                     users/(my home folder)/library/fonts folder.

         Twenty-six of the 30 fonts immediately became available on the InDesign fonts drop-down list. The other 4 simply cannot be made to appear on the list. (This is strange, because those fonts do appear among the fonts available for MS Word.

         I have been searching for a solution online and have not found anyone who is experiencing my exact problem.

         I have tried moving the problem fonts into many different fonts folders, the most promising of which were:

                   •the user/(my homefolder)/library/application support/adobe/fonts folder.

                   •and the MacHD/library/fonts folder.

         I’ve tried starting from scratch with the Postscript font, converting it again to otf, etc. in case somehow the font became corrupted in the conversion process.

         Etc., etc.—Nothing works.

         The problem fonts are: Bronx, Demian, Demian Bold, and Willow.

         Can anyone out there help?