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    Can Edge do this and how? Option 1 + 2 shows object 1


      Hi there!


      At the moment I am creating a two layered wheel with several option on both. The wheel can spin.
      I would like to create different outcomes with the different options available. 


      For example:
      Option 1 + 2 shows object 1
      Option 1 + 3 shows object 2
      Object 2 + 3 shows object 3
      And so forth...


      To make it al difficult (for me it is) I would like that the options only become active at a certain location within the project.
      So when the option from the first wheel and second wheel align at that location the object is shown.


      Is this possible? And can someone help me with what I need to do?
      I am not a complete Adobe Edge noob, but I am a bit of a code noob to be honest. I would love to learn though ;-).


      Kind regards,