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    Sign In - Forgotten Password


      We have a licence of Adobe XI Pro but registered to a previous employee. We do not have the password. Have used the feature "Forgotten Password" but have received no email. Have tried to get help with Adobe but have been told can not change the license to a new person.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is not clear what password you mean.  Normally there is no password associated with using Adobe software.  What do you need to do with the installed software?


          There is less chance of anyone being able to help you here with respect to account matters than there is with contacting Adobe - most here are users like yourself.  Only Adobe support can deal with account issues.  You might need to get the former employee in the loop to help work things out.

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            leslie.baird Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. I got it sorted yesterday after trying again with

            Adobe Help. The previous employee is not available to supply the password



            When you purchase a programme you register it to a users email address.

            We didn't have the users password and we have new computers so needed it to

            load the software.  We tried to get the user changed to a new person but

            Adobe wouldn't do this. The email address that the initial user had

            registered the license to had been closed so we were not able to use the

            Forgotten Password tool.


            We thought we would solve the problem by reinstating the email address and

            then use the Forgotten Password tool. Unfortunately the email from Adobe

            giving a new password did not arrive. So we contacted Adobe Help to check

            why we didn't get the email. They sorted the problem so we then received

            the new password. Then we were able to change the user and password.


            So In the future I will change the passwords and re-register the software

            when staff leave!!!


            Thanks again for your email.



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome Leslie