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    Oops this document couldn't be opened!


      I am using Windows 7 on my PC!

      I have done a reset on my Kobo Touch.


      I now keep getting an error messege "Oops! This document couldn't be opened.  This document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is not currently authorized for use with your Adobe ID.  Please sign-in with the authorized Adobe ID and try again."


      My kobo is showing up in my ADE account and it seems to be authorized on the Kobo as well.

      My computer is authorized and in ADE the area for authorize your device is greyed out - so it must be authorized.

      However if I click on the kobo device in ADE i get a Error message saying   that ADE 3 is not working and Windows shuts it down.  It originally did it on version 2 and i had a look on the kobo site and it said to use version 3 so I downloaded that but it still seems to have the same problem. Basically every time I click on the kobo in ADE it crashes.

      Could someone please help this has been going on for over a week now!!