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    menu made in movie clip - with sub-section we can click on to go to another frame

      I would like some help about that:

      I want to do a menu made all in movie clip (NO button). In this menu, when we click on one of the part (sub-section) of the button (which is a mc), we must go to another frame in the main scene.

      It is working for the roll-over and mousedown for my button (with the _up, _over and _down labels). But it's not working then to put, i don't know, another movie clip inside with alpha 0 to make another onRelease and then gotoAndStop(20); ...

      Here is the code I have in the main scene (first frame):

      mon_clip_mc.onRelease = function() {

      And here is the code I have in the first frame of the movie clip of the button:


      I'd really appreciate some help! Thanx