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    Going nuts with CFHTTP Problem

      First off any help would be sincerely appreciated. I've spent 4 hours straight trying to figure out this problem.

      I am trying to collect information from an external jsp server. When I send a request to the home page, I have no problems.

      When I send a request to the second page which requires a bunch of form information, I am able to connect. This second page does create a session and send out a cookie.

      when I try to connect to the third page which requires an existing session and some cookie parameters I get a connection failed.
      Something about the way I am sending the session and cookies isn't working.
      Here is my code for the request generating an error:
      jid, ehvid1 and ecid1 are the values that come when I get the header info from the second page

      notice that after the http://somepage.jsp there is a ";" I the semicolon this because that's what appears when I go to the page in my browser.

      <cfhttp url=" http://somepage.jsp;JSESSIONID=#jid#" method="post" redirect="YES" resolveurl="yes" throwonerror="no" >

      <cfhttpparam name="JSESSIONID" value="#jid#" type="cookie">
      <cfhttpparam name="ehiVisitor" value="#ehvid1#" type="cookie">
      <cfhttpparam name="ehiCookie" value="#ehcid1#" type="cookie">
      <cfhttpparam name="ehiVisitor" value="#ehvid2#" type="cookie">
      <cfhttpparam name="ehiCookie" value="#ehcid2#" type="cookie">


      If you don't know why I get the connection failed error can you suggest other jsp server that would require session and/or cookie information? This would help because I could test my code on other servers.