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    Shaded text boxes

    Clark Kenyon Level 1

      I’m working on a book layout for a client. He wants both a print and ePub edition. One of the characteristics of the book is shaded text boxes that span several pages. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make a reflowable ePub with these text boxes. (I can make a fixed layout ePub, but that’s not what the client wants.) It doesn’t work to just shade the text frames because on some pages the text box does not take up the whole frame. I’ve drawn extra boxes around the affected text, shaded these and sent them to the back (so the text will appear), but when I try to anchor the first one to the preceding text the shaded box comes back to the front and covers up the text (and can't be sent back again). I’ve tried putting the shaded boxes on a separate layer and putting it below the text layer. No luck. And then what do I do about the next box and the one after that? The text is linked, but the shaded boxes aren’t. If the text boxes were smaller than the text frame on each page there’d be no problem, just anchor them to the preceding text. What’s the solution? Should I assume this can't be done in InDesign?