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    JPG size stays the same when saving from photoshop ( Low or maximum quality )




      Since a few weeks I'm experiencing a weird issue.


      When saving a JPG from a psd file, the size doesn't change much even when I change the quality to low.For example with a A6 - 300dpi psd file, changed to 150dpi and converted to RGB the file is around 6MB when saving to Jpeg ( Low or max quality )

      First I thought I had something to do with a template I use, and maybe the use of "corrupt" smart objects, but now it happens more and more, sometimes with newly created files.


      What doesn't make any sense is that when I copy and merge the layers ( so I have a sort of "screenshot" ) and paste it into a new document and save it, the file is again 6MB !


      I downloaded and installed the latest update but without any luck... (Adobe Photoshop Version: 2014.2.2 20141204.r.310 2014/12/04:23:59:59 CL 994532  x64 )

      Did anyone already experienced this kind of issue ?

      Many thanks in advance