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    Copy Crossreferences


      Hello guys,


      I do wonder, is it possible  to copy/move crossreferences from one indd document to another indd document ?

      If first question is possible, does it works copy cross references from adobe indesign CC to Adobe indesign cs6/ save to cs6



      thank you in advance


      best regards



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          Teetan VK Level 1



          it is possible to do this.


          copy the object which has cross-reference

          then update the cross-references it will be ok


          have fun


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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Teetan & Elmnas – "copy" and "move" might be the wrong phrases when interacting between two versions of InDesign (I always have to think of the methods copy(), paste() or the methods move() and duplicate() and that will not work between documents of two different versions, even if you are running both apps simultaneously).


            You could try IDMS snippets by exporting a snippet in the one version and place that snippet in the other version. Maybe tagged text would be an option as well. Never tried that on text with cross-references…