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    How I can use Eps files ?


      Hi every one



      I download vector business brochure design from "shutterstock" .. But I don't understand how i can edit and use in indesign

      I want move of the layers to indesign and edit it

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          EPS files are not editable in ID. They can only be placed as graphics.


          You MIGHT be able to edit it in Illustrator.

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            Migintosh Level 4

            InDesign is not an eps editor. The model of InDesign is to emulate the paste-up model that designers had been familiar with from pre-computer days. Blocks of text and graphics are arranged in pages of a document, and if you want, multiple documents can be run together as chapters of a larger book, with the ability to index, create a table of contents and have footnotes.


            Is the brochure from shutterstock really an eps? I suppose it could be, but eps is an older format that is largely abandoned these days. It could have been made from a variety of programs, but editing it isn't really the objective of eps. You would want to get the original files that it was generated from and edit it there. Illustrator is a program that can edit eps files that were created in Illustrator, but that's only practical if they are Illustrator eps files. You could edit some eps files from other programs with Illustrator, but it can be much harder to do that than it is to create the file from scratch, depending on how it was interpereted by Illustrator. Best bet is to get InDesign files if you want to work in InDesign.

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              I went to the shutterstock site. On a brochure you can choose vector (EPS) or JPEG. If you click the little question mark next to the vector choice, it tells you that you need Illustrator.

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                Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                The EPS files that I've downloaded from Shutterstock have generally been Illustrator EPS files with all editability preserved.

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  If the EPS was created in Illustrator, you can it open in Illustrator, then make there all changes you need to make. After that, save your file as (SAVE AS…, NOT SAVE) AI filein the current version. Don't use the EPS file, use an AI file instead as EPS is an old and outdated file type which has been replaced by AI, PDF and PDP.