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    Support for ProRes 4444 XQ

    PSISRAEL Level 1

      Apple recently released the new ProRes 4444 XQ codec, which sounds like it could work even better then the existing ProRes 4444 for RAW HDR camera footage, color correction and highly-detailed 3D animation.
      This can be really useful for us so I wanted to test it; The new codec comes with the latest FCP X update, and works in FCP X just fine.. However, as we would mainly use this codec with 3D, either via Cinema4D or directly inside AE, I would love to have this codec work with AE CC14.


      I copied the codec according to what I've seen online (e.g. this video - Magic Lantern Raw to  ProRes 4444 XQ with After Effect CC Adobe on Vimeo) but it doesn't show up in AE at all. From other stuff I've read, the codec only seems to work with this work-around-install in older versions of AE, but not in CC14.

      Has anyone had any experience using ProRes XQ inside after effects? Can you confirm that the problem is with the CC version?

      And does anyone know of future plans from Adobe to officially support the XQ codec?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have Final Cut X installed??? You can't load the codec update without Final Cut or Motion installed or at least downloaded according to Google.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I just ran some tests and get a compressor failure with CC 2014 but CC works just fine. I'll do some more investigating and file a bug.

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              PSISRAEL Level 1

              Hey Rick,
              I do have FCP X installed, that's where I copied the codecs from so that they could work inside AE.
              Thanks for testing - seems like you have confirmed what I thought, CC works fine while CC14 doesn't.
              I'm wandering if this is intentional or just unsupported at the moment, and may be incorporated into a future CC update..

              Either way I will also file a bug report, even though I'm not sure this actually counts as a bug, but hopefully it will be taken into account by the Adobe team.


              If anyone else did manage to have success with getting ProRes XQ to work inside AE CC14, or has any info about support for this codec being incorporated into future CC updates, I would love to hear about it.


              Thanks again,

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                PSISRAEL Level 1

                So no one has any info on this?

                If you're also interested in XQ support - please submit a feature request form to Adobe. Myself and my coworkers already have, but hopefully more requests will bump up this issue on Adobe's future plans.