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    Can't re-download/re-install Premiere Elements 12.0


      I downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0 (full version) a couple of months ago, everything was working perfect.

      I had an issue on my laptop and had to reboot it, I was told I wold have to reinstall Premiere Elements 12 but I figure that wouldn't be a problem because I still have the serial number, my accont details, the email itself even said I cold re-download it at any time..

      but now in my uber fresh rebooted computer I can't download it. It says some parts of it are missing and I have to get the missing parts... Anyone else have this problem?

      It's not like it's a new computer, everything is the EXACT same. It's just not letting me download it again.

      I need to for my thesis in university this week and it's a frustrating position to be in >.<

      Anyone have advice or solutions to this predicament?

      Thank you!