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    Best way to publish HD videos - settings advice required please


      I have filmed a video with an image size 1920x1080 progressive HD using 50fps frame rate and with 48k compressed Stereo on a Panasonic HD camcorder.  I have now edited the video using Adobe Premier Elements.  I used to use Pinnacle Studio and had some very good results but as the videos got longer (over an hour or 16gb raw data) it was harder to edit.  Using Adobe is easier with less crashes and stalls.  But the end product is poor – dependant on which options I choose from the publish & share menu.   I can get an excellent quality picture – really rich vibrant HD but it is jerky in reproduction and the sound quality is awful.  Or poor quality picture but it runs smoothly with good audio.


      So can anyone advise me on what settings I should be using to render for the following outputs please?  I am using a Windows 7 PC.


      1) To store on an external HDD which I will connect to a UK Panasonic 1080p smart TV to watch

      2) To store on a HDD in case I ever want to re-edit it

      3) For output onto a DVD disc


      I am looking to produce movies at the highest quality possible.


      If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it, because I have been playing around with settings to no avail and I am starting to wonder if I will ever get this package to work properly for me.


      Many thanks