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    Lightroom times out/freezes when I attempt to add new folders or synchronize existing folders


      Not sure why, but Liightroom isn't adding new folders. I'm using Windows, and follow the instructions (pasted below). The activity circle appears, but the application just times out. I've tried multiple times, including on a folder that contains very few files. Nor does Syncrhonizing the folders seem to be working either.


      I uninstalled and then reinstalled Lightroom, but am experiencing the same issue. No idea how to troubleshoot this, so help is needed. Thanks.






        In the Folders panel of the Library module, click the Plus icon and choose Add Folder.



        Do one of the following:


        • (Windows) In the Browse For Folders dialog box, navigate to the location you want, select the folders you want, and then click OK. Or, navigate to the location you want and click Make New Folder. Type a name to replace the New Folder name.

        If necessary, specify options in the Import Photos dialog box, and click Import.