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    How to apply script on text in tables


      I have a script that changes few characters' settings, but when I run it, it doesn't work on text in tables.

      This is the script:






        var myDoc= this.activeDocument;

               //changing composer, language and Para direction

        myDoc.stories.everyItem().composer = "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer";

              myDoc.stories.everyItem().appliedLanguage = app.languagesWithVendors.item("Hebrew");

              myDoc.stories.everyItem().paragraphDirection = ParagraphDirectionOptions.rightToLeftDirection;

              myDoc.stories.everyItem().hyphenation = false;

              myDoc.stories.everyItem().characterDirection = CharacterDirectionOptions.defaultDirection;

              myDoc.stories.everyItem().keyboardDirection = 1147496036;

              allTablesContents.composer = "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer";




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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have to address the text in table cells in a second step.

          Also footnotes or cells in nested tables.


          Example for all NOT nested tables:


          var allNOTnestedTables = app.documents[0].stories.everyItem().tables.everyItem().cells.everyItem().texts[0];
          allNOTnestedTables.composer = "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer";



          Instead of using the string "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer" better use the locale independent string:
          "$ID/HL Composer Optyca".


          Even better: Change the applied paragraph styles and character styles.

          Never change paragraphStyles[0] and paragraphStyles[1] !!!


          Why do you expand the Application object with prototype.main ?