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    Realtime and Rendering issue


      Hello guys , hope this thread finds you well ...

      I've been working on Adobe After Effects lately

      well it's amazing and good efforts you put in it so thank you

      I'm facing some issues hope that someone could help me out

      issue 1 # : When previewing a footage it's so slow or seems not playing at all and on the upper right corner there is with red text "NOT Realtime "

      issue 2 # : Rendering is super slow don't know why

      issue 3 # : One more thing is one time i waited until the rendering finished but the video does not look anything like what I've worked on it's ruined :\

      tried many methods to fix the issue still the performance is really bad

      my system aspects :

      Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5

                         CPU  750 @ 2.67GHz  2.79GHz

      installed Ram 4.00 GB (3.50 GB usable)

      System type :  32-bit operating system

      Please help Can't continue my work because of slow performance


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have not told us your version of AE and otherwise your descriptions are generic and vague. You have not told us what footage you work with, what your render settings are, how your preview and verify your file and a gigazillion other things.



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            CreateX Level 1

            Thanks for quick reply

            I'm working on CS4 , the render settings are : Quality:Best , Reolution: half , Disk Cache : Read Only ,Frame Rate 29.97

            Output Module Settings : Format : QuickTime and sometimes FLV , Format Options : Photo - JPEG for the quick time

            Preview : Ram Preview Options  , Frame Rate 29.97 , Skip 0 , Resolution : Half , From Current Time : Checked

                           Shift+RAM Preview Options : Frame Rate : same , Skip : 1 resolution : same

            About the footage I'm working on a shockwave tutorial from video copoliot

            What do you mean by"verify your file and a gigazillion other things"

            do you need anything else ?

            Best regards

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Rendering the shockwave tutorial would be slow in AE compared to a NLE, After Effects rendering is usually very slow for someone not used to working on with a pixel based compositing app. This makes me wonder if you are new to After Effects.

              The playback not in real time could be related to your system specifications. Low RAM, low available disk space, slow drive connections, even anti virus software running on your machine can slow things down. So I have another question for you. Has AE ever worked the way you think it should?

              What happens if you just create a standard comp using the HDTV 1080P 29.97 template, create a single solid that's 100 X 100 pixels and animate the position from the left to the right side of the screen over 5 seconds. If your Zoom factor (farthest box on the bottom right of the comp panel) is set to 50% and your resolution is set to Auto so it shows (Half), you should get a real time preview on almost any machine if you initiate the preview using the 0 on the numeric keypad or press the preview button in the Preview panel. If that gives you a real time preview then there's something in your "Shockwave" composition that is hogging all the system resources. If the test comp previews fine but the "Shockwave" comp does not then we need to know the details of the comp including all layers. You can run a test yourself by turning off effects and/or layers one at a time until you get a real time preview.

              Let us know.

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                CreateX Level 1

                Ya I'm kinda new to AE i have 4 Gb ram and disk space is quite big around 230 GB free space I kept it for designing just in case about the anti virus it maybe right i just uninsalled it one time it did work i tried to render it took around 16 min to complete different than before  the estimated time before takes long time around 16 hours or 23 hrs its freaking me out but as a result it was awful the movie was ruined the shockwave is gradually coming bigger and so slow and the quality of the shockwave while it's coming bigger is bad so no it's not working as i think it should 

                I made the test comp just now works pretty fine

                my shockwave comp :

                4 waves layers made from fractial noise image each layer has masks inside the masks there's paths , feather and expansion

                the fractal Type is set to Dynamic progressive noise type to soft linear brightness changed as well , Offset is set too

                3 waves are set to Screen mode and one to normal , one shockwave polar layer

                and thats it

                anything else ?

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                  CreateX Level 1

                  Well look what i did just now I disabled temporarily al the layers except one which is one of the waves layers I played around with it and hit preview and boom it's in realtime after i pressed the numerical 0 then preview but one issue that it doesn't play all of it it just play small area with a green indicator even though i highlighted the desired area ... :\


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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    A RAM preview depends on your available ram. If you are only getting a few seconds of ram preview then you either have to reduce the resolution of your comp window or skip frames or buy and install some more ram.

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                      CreateX Level 1

                      Thank you very much I think I'll buy more ram

                      Thanks for support!!