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    When will the 7d Mark II camera be supported for tethering?


      Good Morning All - I purchased a 7d Mark II camera recently and was pleased to see Lightroom be able to work with my RAW files.  I would now like to move into the realm of Tethered shooting with this new camera and Lightroom but it appears my camera is NOT YET SUPPORTED.  I run Windows 8.1  currently and have all the hardware and EOS software set up / configured. I can take pics with the EOS software but when I start tethering in Adobe Lightroom it just flashes on and off - I am presuming it is because the camera uses USB 3.0 now and the Lightroom software is not yet updated for the new camera.  Can anyone tell me when we might expect to see this camera set up for tethering ability?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Anyone who tells you when that support will be added doesn't really know. And anyone who knows isn't allowed to tell. Those investments are never made in advance. Support for tethered shooting is dependent upon the camera manufacturer releasing a SDK that Adobe can access in order to add the support.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Tethering support usually lags one or more versions behind when raw files are supported, and Adobe doesn’t preannounce support, usually, so anyone knows what the internal schedule might be cannot post on a public forum, anyway.


            The 7D Mark II has only recently been supported for raws and it may be a few versions more before tethering works.  Since we’re already up to LR 5.7 of the LR 5 series, it’s possible that the version of LR to first support tethering would be LR 6—assuming there is a LR 6. 


            In the mean time you may find it works to tether using the EOS Utility and then set up LR with an Auto Import folder pointing to where the EOS Utility is putting the photos.