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    Normal Style not displaying

    agambina Level 1

      RH 11.0.4.


      I have been using RH since 4.0 and am currently I have a RoboHelp HTML project where I am using two different style sheets. Each style sheet is associated with its own Master Page. I've done this because my client wants to eventually migrate to a new look. The 'Normal' style in both instances is mapped to a different font. I have ensured that the style sheet is attached and that all content is in the appropriate style. There is no issue with the first style sheet (and Master Page) I created. The 'new look' Master Page and Style Sheet have had random display issues with the Normal style; occasions where part of the topic displays or all content is not displaying.This is the case if I select View Selected Item from within the project and view the topic after compiling WebHelp.


      I have created new Master Pages and re-assigned styles. One symptom that may help shed insight on to what is going on . . . is that when I edit a topic with the 'new look' stylesheet / Master Page and click Save All, the Headers and Footers message appears . . . This topic was created from a Master Page and the Header and Footer has been modified . . . The Master Pages have the same structure; just different font and heading styles. I have tried all I know to fix this issue. Any insight would be great. I can provide screen shots, if necessary. Thank you.


      ------------------------found issue-----------------------------------

      Project has 2 different stylesheets (because customer wants to move to a standard template). Each stylesheet is associated with a different Master Page.

      Style 'Normal' in Stylesheet #1 = Verdana; Style 'Normal' in Stylesheet #2 = Calibri.

      When WebHelp is generated, any content using Stylesheet #2 and styled with 'Normal' does not appear. This issue is only in the body region of the document. I created a separate style for 'Normal' called "Normaltest.' No success.


      To make the content appear, here is what I did:


      1. Open the topic with issue.

      2. Highlight a paragraph

      3. Select Style: none

      4. Change font to Calibri (font size was default to 12; which is what I needed so I didn't change)


      It made no difference if I defined 'none,' in the Master Page file and changed the font to Calibri. I have confirmed that the issue does not affect Header/Footer or Number Lists (only numbers appear). Contact me if you need the subject files.


      Message was edited by: Anet Gambina Found Workaround for Issue; but it appears 2 Stylesheets using 'Normal' is a problem

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          Amebr Level 4

          I assume you see something like this? (Ugly font to make it obvious )




          This sounds like you have in-line styles applied to paragraphs. Certainly your steps 1-4 define a single paragraph to have the Calibri font, which will prevent the style from your stylesheet being applied to that paragraph.


          A quick way to check is to temporarily (please take a backup, just in case) set Normal in your working stylesheet to a crazy font. If I'm right, you will see the same behaviour as you get when you change to your second stylesheet. If this is the case, you will need to look at the html for a problem paragraph and do a find and replace across your whole project.


          Take a backup of your project before you start, just in case something goes wrong!!


          You will probably have to replace something like the following with nothing:

          font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;


          In my example, this is the code. I've highlighted the section that must be removed so that the stylesheet is correctly applied:

          <p><span style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;">MyCompany documentation

          generally uses the gerund form (the &quot;ing&quot; form) of words for

          titles and index keywords. Following is a list of the best gerunds to

          use among many alternatives (e.g., use &quot;removing&quot; instead of

          &quot;deleting&quot;).</span> </p>


          If the font size is also a problem, you may also have to remove that code, for example: font-size: 10pt;

          Hope that helps.

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            agambina Level 1

            Thank you for responding to the issue. The inline style described earlier was mentioned only because that was a way I found the content to reappear. I think some screenshots will help. Here are the WebHelp outputs; compiled with different stylesheets:


            Stylesheet1 Output.png                     Stylesheet2 Output.png

            I can send via email the following screenshots (if necessary):  Stylesheet 1.css, Stylesheet2.css, HTML for Topic (Stylesheet 1), HTML for Topic (Stylesheet2)

            IE version

            IE Version.jpg

            RH version

            Adobe RH11 Version.jpg

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              Amebr Level 4

              Maybe the Normal font colour is set to white?

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                agambina Level 1

                No . . .here's the screen shot of the Normal style in Stylesheet 2:


                Stylesheet2 - Normal Style.jpg

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I think what may be nailing things is the Transparent color.




                  Cheers... Rick

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                    Amebr Level 4

                    Actually, you've got both background-color and color set to Transparent.


                    If you change color to auto or black or a specific colour to match your branding, that should fix your issue.


                    (Hi Rick. didn't see you standing there. )

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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      True, but background color shouldn't really have an effect on the text showing.

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                        agambina Level 1

                        Rick's suggestion on the font change did it (I love you, Rick ). FYI -- I tried to change the Background color and it would not let me adjust it from Transparent. Thanks all!

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                          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I think newer versions of browsers are more sensitive to this. I did a RoboHelp class in Detroit and one of the complaints was "missing" text, despite it being there When we looked at the source HTML, there were span tags galore with transparent applied. I think it's something RoboHelp did when they cleared formatting or something.


                          This would beg the question of how it managed to get into the style pod.


                          It's possible that you or someone had some manual formatting with the transparent stuff in there and attempt to re-apply Normal and you saw the following dialog:




                          Cheers... Rick