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    How to view .pdf files from web pages. "Display PDF in browser” box is unchecked, but files still try to open within IE 10. (using Win 7 Enterprise and Acrobat X Pro)


      I am running on Windows 7 Enterprise and using Internet Explorer version 10.9200.17183, and Acrobat X Pro.  My work computer was recently upgraded to IE 10, and since that time I have had difficulties in opening .pdf files imbedded in various websites.  Searching Internet forums, I found the solution indicated as being uncheck the “Display PDF in browser” box in the Preferences window, but the files still seem to be trying to open in IE.  I don’t get an error, just a mostly blank browser screen with a little black and white box in the upper left hand corner of the page.


      My IT help desk stated this is a known problem and a workaround would be to copy the URL for the doc and paste it into the Acrobat Open File window.  While this works for most websites, I have one where it doesn’t.  Here’s a sample URL for a file that won’t open: https://solutions.standardandpoors.com/SP/spreports/StockReport.do?pc=OPX&tracking=OPX&aut h=1530392290060761400480631410421471081181981980071360831520091520970840111761991891651711 27158172&type=CMB&company=AAPL


      While I don’t see “.pdf” in this string, these files did in fact opened up in Adobe Acrobat prior to my recent IE software push.  Would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me some other way to access these embedded files.