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    How to reconcile 2 lightroom catalogs in separate locations along with images and metadata?

    brookner Level 1

      I split my time between two locations where I need access to all of my images and lightroom catalog...  I've been trying to keep everything in sync by transporting new images on hard drives, exporting new updates to a "migration" catalog and then importing that along with the images when I travel back to the other location.  This works as long a I don't get lazy, or in a hurry...  which I have, of course and now I need to get everything back in order--as best as can be expected.


      What would be the best way to do this?  I need to migrate changes in both directions...  If it was just location A to B, or B to A, then that's not much of a problem.  unfortunately, i need to reconcile changes from A to B and B to A... 


      I learned my lesson, but I still need to resolve this mess.


      Any tips appreciated.