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    can no longer burn dvds or upload


      Recently my premier elements 11 stopped being able to burn a dvd or upload to youtube...

      dvd just goes to indexing but never continues. Upload to youtube stops at 81 % and freezes.

      No real error messages. Tried re-installing software but does the same thing.

      Worked for last 4 years on same PC running windows 8...now wont?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using on your Windows 8 (assumed 64 bit computer)?


          Is your computer optimized, have you cleared pile ups of preview files, conformed audio files, and conformed video files?

          And, have you done a run through with the free ccleaner (regular cleaner part and registry cleaner part)?

          CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download


          Where do you store the source media that is going into your projects - internal hard drive or external hard drive?

          Are your computer drive letters changing?


          If you cannot burn to DVD (assume you mean DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc and not AVCHD on DVD disc), can you do a

          successful burn to folder?


          Have your refreshed the Online Services in preferences?


          Please consider and then we can decide what next to plan troubleshooting strategy.





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            wesb26846391 Level 1

            (I'm replying to your comments from below and:  I'm including 2 other individuals (CC) in this reply; asking for their help as well, if they have any potential answers for me.)  Please advice ...


            I'm using Adobe Premier Elements 11 on an HP Windows Pro 8.1 desk top PC.  It's been working perfect since I loaded it in 2011.  I produce and create a 30 minute TV show for a couple of my local community TV Stations in the area as well as make videos on real estate and publish them to You Tube (Finding New Neighbors <<< see my You Tube Network for sample of my videos).  I also create DVD's for real estate properties to use during open houses and as marketing tools for real estate.  I also make training videos for the local Board of Realtor's.  Uploading these videos to You Tube and burning DVD's is very critical to my business. 

            I currently have episodes of the TV show ready to burn but I can't get them to burn so I can turn them into the TV Stations for airing.

            It was working perfect until recently; however, I can no longer burn a DVD or upload to You Tube.  The edit program seems to be working fine.  I can still create videos, edit and view videos on the program but I can't send them anywhere to be used in any way.  When I attempt to burn a disk; it gets ready to burn then nothing happens.  When I attempt to upload to You Tube; it will "Render" and start to Upload but then it get's to about 61% to 99% (uploaded) then freezes up and never finishes.

            I've had our office computer support person in working on my PC for the past 4 days and we're getting no where.  He did find a virus and cleaned it out.  Everything "seems" to be working now except my DVD burner and uploading videos to You Tube.  I even reloaded the Adobe Premier Elements 11 software to see if that could be an issue.  It made no difference. 

            Somehow, the program is no longer speaking properly to whatever pathway it needs to, in order for the DVD's or You Tube to receive the video/s and finish.

            I really need to get this fixed; otherwise, months worth of work is lost and I will not be able to create or publish any future videos.  I really need this working.  Any help would be appreciated immensely.



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