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    Turning Project with Multiple files into video


      Dear Forum Members,

      I am trying to start a youtube channel and was looking for an intro template, once I finished editing it I realised there was no way of combining all files into one.

      Help would be much appreciated

      OS: Win7

      Here's a Picture:


      When I save the RAM preview, sound is fine,but the quality is bad, and when I render it, it wants me to render each alone and doesn't merge them, but creates a new file for each one.

      Thanks in Advance.

      With Regards,


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You must be very new to AE.


          If you want to combine all of your compositions into a movie you can either render them all and import them to a NLE to assemble or you can create a render  comp and import all of your elements into that composition and render that as you final movie.


          You can add only one comp to the render cue, just add the one you want to render...


          Please check out the last video in Basic Workflow to learn about rendering your product for delivery.