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    Faded links in Toc

    flyfisher200 Level 1

      W7, ID CS6, DW CS6

      When I convert an ePub created in ID CS6 to Kindle using Kindlegen the html toc is very faded (light blue), despite being fine in the ePub. I tried reworking the CSS in DW to increase the font weight of the toc entries to bold. This helped a little but the resulting mobi file was still unpleasantly light regardless of the fact that the ePub was now unpleasantly heavy. Do I just have to live with this or am I missing something? An example of the adjusted codes follow.



      <p class="toc-1"><a href="Acknowledgements_CS6.xhtml#toc_marker-1">Acknowledgments</a></p>

      p.toc-1 {

      color: #000000;

      font-family: "Chaparral Pro", serif;

      font-size: 1em;

      font-style: normal;

      font-variant: normal;

      font-weight: bold;

      line-height: 1.2;

      margin-bottom: 0px;

      margin-left: 0px;

      margin-right: 0px;

      margin-top: 5px;

      text-align: left;

      text-decoration: none;

      text-indent: 0px;