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    How to I migrate LR4 to a new computer


      I have watched the Kost video on migrating but she is using LR3. I have my all my data on an external drive. On my new C: drive now are the filing files: Backups; Lightroom 4 Catalog Previews.lrdata; Lightroom 4 Catalog (which shows up with the LR icon vs. a folder file); and Lightroom Database (which also shows up with the LR icon). In the Folders file, I have under new volume H: (my external drive) all the files showing up with ? marks. When I right click the parent file "New" it tLightroom 2-2 Previews.lrdata" it takes me a pop box that Kost never talked about. That box includes Create Folder Inside, Rename, Remove, Save Metadata, Synchronize Folder, Update Folder Location, etc etc. I am just baffled. Can anyone point to  what to do?

      Secondly, very very disappointed in adobe customer service. It simply runs you in circles. Does anyone know how to contact abobe and even pay them to answer questions and provide help?