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    character direction


      How can I change the character direction in CS6 for just a few words within a sentence? There is no character direction option on the character panel menu?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you subscribed to CC?

          If not, do it with a script.


          Select the text you want to change and execute the following ExtendScript (JavaScript)-Skript.


          app.selection[0].composer = "$ID/HL Composer Optyca"
          app.selection[0].characterDirection = CharacterDirectionOptions.RIGHT_TO_LEFT_DIRECTION;


          Note: Running the script will also change the composer of your whole paragraph.



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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            If you are in the cloud, you can install additional a MENA version of InDesign. MENA stands for Middle East North Africa and supports a lot of RTL features. You can install it above your normal version which will be extended to this functionality. RTL (Right to Left) affects a lot of function, e.g. binding of new document, story, object styles, paragraph styles, character style, cell styles, composer, compost fonts, etc. You can apply RTL on a character level, on paragraph level, on story and on document. In paragraphs you can decide if automatic bullets or numbers are left or right of the paragraph. This opens a lot of design opportunities, even if you don't want tu use it for RTL.

            To install a NEMA version you have to go to the cc application and change the app language at least temporarily for installing that language.


            You can also use a file from someone else, where such a style was created.

            I have one here with a lot of styles: Dropbox - direction.idml

            When you import the direction character styles you can apply them in any paragraph style, but you have to change the composer to one of the Adobe Global Composer, otherwise it would not work. These styles are available, even if you have not installed MENA.

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              Jonathan Wills Level 1

              I realize this is an old thread, but I want to point out that Willi's character style solution works. I've been very frustrated by an Arabic document (in CC 2015) with some English proper nouns (the name of my client company, etc.) that need to read RTL, but they were all reading LTR like the Arabic. Fortunately for me, after a long period of Google searches for a solution (none), I remembered another document where the English words were reading correctly, and opened it to find out how it was done. There was a character style there with the RTL attribute. I just copied it to my new doc and voila, problem solved. Willi's Dropbox document is still available as of 6/30/2016, so if you're experiencing the same problems, download it and use the embedded character styles.

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